Aligning Brand Strategy Effectively with Your Nonprofit’s Content Strategy

Lidia Varesco Design
3 min readJun 3, 2022

Now that we know why aligning branding with content marketing is important, let’s talk about how to do it effectively, using a branding-inspired framework that I’ve developed and used with my nonprofit and assocaition clients.

Using a Branding Framework to Improve Content Marketing

My branding framework is made up of four components: WHO, WHAT, WHY, and WHERE: WHO are the people you serve, WHAT is the problem you solve, WHY is the reason you exist, and WHERE are the ways you express your brand.

You can apply this branding framework to content strategy like this:

  • WHO — The people reading your content
  • WHAT — The problem you solve through content
  • WHY — The reason you are sharing content
  • WHERE — The content channels you use

Now, let’s break down each of these components and look at them individually.

Who is our audience?

The “WHO” defines the people reading and engaging with your content. You can develop this audience based on demographics, location, job or role, as well as values, pain points and challenges. The question you need to ask is: Who is my ideal audience?

What problem are we solving?

The “WHAT” is the problem you are solving through your content. Think back to the audience’s pain points, how you can solve these problems or make situations easier.Also consider what your readers may learn, or how they may be inspired or grow.

Why are we sharing content?

The “WHY” is the reason you share content. Consider what makes yours the perfect organization to share this content. Perhaps it’s your unique story or point of difference from other organizations. Here you can also think about the benefits your audience will receive by engaging with your content-and what will make them come back for more.



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