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4 min readMay 25, 2023

While you’re furiously planning content and logistics for your event, you may not have time to think about all the visual aspects-i.e. the conference graphics. Well, I’m here to do the thinking for you.

There is a direct correlation between associations hosting in-person events and member renewals, so focusing on a well-executed-and well-branded-event is crucial for growing your membership.

Your conference logo and related graphics will be seen in many places, from the website and social media to tote bags and swag that attendees carry around town, so it’s important that the graphics are eye-catching and engaging-as well as serving your purposes.

How Will the Conference Graphics Be Used?

First, you’ll want to ensure your conference logo and graphics meet all your needs, so do a bit of thinking before you start working with your logo designer. Ask your event planning team these questions:

  • Where will the logo be used?
  • How will it be used in print and digital?
  • Will the logo be used in apps or other digital devices?
  • Will the logo be used very large? (i.e. for billboards or large-format signage)

After you’ve answered these questions, your designer will have a better idea of the type of logo and graphics that will be most useful and effective for your event.

Most-Needed Conference Graphics

  1. General Logo: If you don’t have a date or location, but still need to start promoting, you will need a version with just the theme and year. You can also use this version if you are short on space
  2. Logo Lockup: Once you have all the conference details, you should also have a version that includes the date and location. This is important for promotion as it provides potential attendees with all the details.
  3. Conference Icon: If your logo includes an icon, you can use it as a graphic element. It’s also handy for promotional purposes, such as tee shirts or stickers.
  4. Track Icons: If your conference has specific tracks, consider creating icons for each track. The track logos should be inspired graphically by the main logo as they builds on the conference’s brand awareness. HINT: Make sure this logo is readable at small sizes, i.e. in an Agenda or on a conference app.
  5. Speaker Logos: As a speaker myself, I can assure you that speakers are one of your best brand ambassadors. Make sure to have an “I’m speaking at” graphic for speakers to share in their social media and email marketing.
  6. Sponsor Logos: Don’t forget your sponsors! Provide a general “sponsor” graphic to sponsors, or consider creating a personalized logo calling them out as a sponsor.
  7. Social media profile images: Make sure you have conference graphics sized appropriately for each social media channel. You may want to have several variations, with time-based messaging such as “Save the Date,” “Register Now,” etc.
  8. Social media graphics: Review your event marketing plan so you will be prepared with all the necessary graphics to promote your event. Keep in mind any time-based messaging, such as “Save the Date,” “Register Now” and “Next week!” And don’t forget about the post-event promotion!
  9. Influencers or brand ambassador graphics: If you work with influencers or ambassadors, you may want to design specific graphics for them to share on their blog, website, or with followers.
  10. Conference app logo and graphics: Your conference app vendor will provide the required size and file format, so make sure to pass this on to your designer so the logo and graphics are sizes appropriately.

Get the Formats Right

Your conference logo and graphics will be used on myriad pieces and places, so as you are developing the conference visual identity, make sure you have all the necessary file formats for your marketing deliverables:

  1. Print
  2. Digital
  3. Website or other online
  4. Social media
  5. Oversized pieces (i.e. onsite signage, meterboards)
  6. Promotional items (i.e. conference swag, apparel, etc.)

If you are unsure what file format you need, ask your designer, event planner or vendor and they can advise you on the necessary file format as well as other details such as size and color format(s).

And Don’t Forget the Conference Brand Guide

In addition to the essential graphics, make sure you have a conference identity guide. A bit smaller than a typical brand guide, it details the colors, fonts, and graphics used for the conference or event.

Using consistent colors, fonts, and graphic themes throughout is important for developing brand awareness and brand recognition for your event.

Whether your association’s event is in-person or virtual, having well-thought-out and consistent conference branding is key to connecting with and making an impact on your attendees, and best of all, bringing them back next year.

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